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At Efficient Warrior Tactical, it is our belief that in order to be prepared to defend oneself against violent attack,
you must have a high level of proficiency in the use of
Empty Hand Skills, Impact Weapons, Blade Craft and
Pistol Craft.
To be deficient in any of these areas leaves one unprepared for the scope of violence encountered
on today's mean streets!

The programs offered by E.W.T. covers the full spectrum of Civilian, Law Enforcement and Military Self-Protection
platforms. Our programs present the requisite Knowledge, Skills, Abilities and Tools for each to perform with the
very best chances of a positive outcome when faced with a violent encounter.

Program developer, Tony Massengill is retired after a 27- year career in public safety where he worked as a Law
Enforcement Officer, Firefighter and Emergency Medic. That experience combined with 50 Years experience in the
Combat Sciences makes Massengill unequally qualified in the field of Personal Protection.  

THE E.W.T. Program


The empty hand methods of the E.W.T. program are drawn from Ip Man Family Wing Chun Kung Fu, Ching Yin
Chin-Na, and street oriented Muay Thai.

Ip Man Family Wing Chun - This is a close-quarters self-protection method from Southern China. Wing Chun
was the method taught to Kung Fu superstar, Bruce Lee. Lee was a student of Grandmaster Ip Man. Program
Director Tony Massengill has trained with both of Ip Man's sons ... Ip Chun and Ip Ching!
We teach THE ENTIRE Ip Man FAMILY Wing Chun system as the foundation of our program.

Ching Yin Chin Na - Chin Na (Translated: Seize and Control) is the mother of modern day Jiu Jutsu, Aikido and
Hapkido. The method is what Tony Massengill calls the art of Capture, Control and Destruction.

Street Muay Thai - Muay Thai - or what is commonly referred to as Thai Boxing, is a very dangerous Combat
Sport from Thailand. The method used Fists and Kicks like other fighting methods, but also incorporates Knees
and Elbows. The method used in our program is the Street ... NOT SPORT application of this method.


Stick methods encompasses many different Stick applications. Stick Methods describes any form of Impact
Weapon. A tactical folding knife, without the blade deployed can be an impact weapon, as can a beer bottle.
Generally we are focusing on actual STICK methods. There are short (Palm Sticks) medium (Baton / Asp)
intermediate (Cane, Quarter-staff) and long (Pole, Pool Cue). Our program will train the student in these various


Blade methods encompass various sizes of Blade used in combat. Neck Knives: AKA- The Steel Thorn -  Our
Bread & Butter -  This is truly a DEFENSIVE BLADE. The blade is usually as small as 2 inches. Not the blade one
would chose if one were the aggressor. Which makes it perfect for the Defense Minded Civilian.
Tactical Folders:
These are one of the most practical and useful blades in todays world. Tactical folders usually have blade lengths
from 3 - 5 inches ... some bigger, but we don't recommend those to our students. The reasons will be explained in
our training.  
Machetes: the machete is a very versatile blade. Longer than a knife , and generally shorter than
traditional swords ... these are excellent weapons of self-protection ... under the right circumstances.


The handgun is today's equivalent to the Samurai Sword. The Samural didn't carry the Katana because it
"Looked Really Cool" but because it was the most technologically advanced weapon of his time. Today that
distinction  belongs to th handgun. It is easily carried, concealed, and protected by the U.S. Constitution .... if we
can keep the LIBTARDS from stripping us of our rights!  We teach a variation of a close range handgun method
called "Center Axis Relock" Those not familiar with this method can see it in action in the John Wick movies. You
can also do a Youtube search. It is a great Close range Handgun platform .... focusing on protection and retention
of the firearm in a close range environment.
We also have classes available that
focus on Just the
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our programs contact us at:
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email: efficientwarriortactical@gmail.com

Our home base is in the
Yorktown / Newport News Virginia area
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about our Chief Instructor Tony Massengill

Sifu Tony Massengill is now Semi-Retired from
teaching, but attends and assist with the Virginia
Peninsula Training Group currently run by his
Senior Instructors.

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