His 27-year public safety career,
coupled with his 47 years of
training in the martial arts, has
given him the unique combination
of knowledge, skill and street
experience that is missing from
most of todays martial arts
- Wing Chun Illustrated Magazine
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The Legendary Bruce Lee with his teacher,
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The Ground breaking book by Jose Fraguas
featuring profiles of the
We are very Honored that
Sifu Tony Massengill was
included in this Great Book!
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Wing Chun aka Ving Tsun is a Southern Chinese fighting method that is known for its straight forward approach to
practical combat. Simple, Direct, Efficient are terms used to describe this extremely effective method of Kung Fu.

Ip Man is a name which has recently become very well known, thanks to a very popular series of movies based on
the life and exploits of the legendary Kung Fu Grandmaster and teacher of film legend Bruce Lee.

The attention brought to Wing Chun by the popularity of, first Bruce Lee, and now his teacher Ip Man has been
both a blessing and a curse to this Kung Fu system.
Due to the demand for Wing Chun instruction, there have been many unscrupulous individuals who have claimed
fraudulent certification and qualifications in order to take advantage of the popularity of the Wing Chun lineage of
Grandmaster Ip Man,

Long before the popularity brought on by the Ip Man movies there was one instructor in the United States who
already had 30 years of experience in the Ip Man Wing Chun system, and had already had his first book,
"Mastering Wing Chun - The Keys to Ip Man's Kung Fu" placed in the Ip Man Museum in Foshan, China!
That Instructor is Efficient Warrior Wing Chun Association Founder and Chief Instructor Tony Massengill.
Sifu (Teacher) Tony Massengill was certified at a Master Instructor Level in the Direct Ip Man Family Lineage in
2005. He  was the
SENIOR U.S. INSTRUCTOR under Samuel Kwok, who is the only instructor to reach Master
Level under BOTH of Ip Man's sons. Through Sifu Tony's close relationship with Samuel Kwok,
Tony  has also
had the unique opportunity of training under BOTH of Ip Man's sons Ip Chun and Ip Ching
, Both of
whom endorsed Tony's first book, Mastering Wing Chun and had it placed in the Ip Man Museum in Foshan,
China, honoring their legendary father!

Efficient Warrior Wing Chun Association has Instructors spreading across the United States who can
help you experience the Wing Chun system as passed by the
direct Ip Man FAMILY Wing Chun lineage!

The Wing Chun / Ving Tsun taught by the Efficient Warrior Wing Chun Association reflects not only the Ip
man FAMILY method but also the research Sifu Tony has done with his
Wong Shun Leung Ving Tsun teacher,
Sifu David Peterson. While not a Certified Instructor in the WSLVT method, Sifu Massengill has done extensive
research into this method and has modified his teaching system to reflect what he has learned through this
research.... Giving our students a very well rounded Martial Education!
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Feature Article
Wing Chun Unchained, not Unchanged
Wing Chun Illustrated article by
Sifu Tony Massengill
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