EWT Pistol –
Modified Center Axis Relock

Center Axis Relock or CAR is a versatile shooting
system that provides a stable firing platform for
multiple scenarios and it greatly aids in weapon
A major concern of those who consider carrying a
gun. is having the gun taken away from them by
the bad guy and being shot with their own gun.
The CAR method addresses this concern, while at
the same time teaching you to quickly and
accurately place defensive fire on target.
Center Axis Relock was developed by Paul Castle who served as a law
enforcement officer. After retiring he decided to put his experience to work to
develop a method to increase the safety and efficiency of law enforcement and
military personnel in close quarters combat. Since most self-defense situations
take place in a close quarters environment, the methods he developed for
professionals is the ideal choice for Civilians and concealed-carriers.

The Modified CAR program taught by EWT is focused on the needs of the armed
civilian. While the full CAR system covers topics such as "Room Clearing" which
is very useful for those in the Law Enforcement Community ..... It is of limited use
to the civilian. For that reason, we have modified the program to focus on those
elements that best suit civilian needs.

The EWT CAR program is taught on a Dry-Fire and Airsoft Platform.