Steel Thorn –
Urban Edged Weapons

The Urban Edged Weapons Program Teaches
knife application methods that will give the student
a fundamental and broad understanding of edged
weapons. Like all Efficient Warrior Tactical courses
UEW is scenario based and emphasizes a
minimalist conceptual framework and functional
toolbox. All strategies, tactics and tools are
structured under the boundaries of Efficiency,
Economy of Motion and Practicality.
As part of the Escalation of Force Continum EWT has developed a practical
knife program which focuses on the use of two particular categories of knives.
The so-called NECK KNIFE and the TACTICAL FOLDER. Both of which are very
easily carries and deployed.

We referr to the program as the STEEL THORN program. Nature designed
Thorns to protect some of it's plants, flowers and animals. The Thorn acts as a
deterrant, not as an aggressive defender. The knife is the STEEL THORN of our
time. It can be ever-ready, and a great defensive deterrant against aggressive
predators.  There is a very good reason the Porqupine isn't on the top of the
predator culinory list!

The Neck Knife

The neck knife is very small, and versitile to carry. It can be carried in many
ways.  As the name discribes, it can be worn around the neck like a necklace,
but that is just one of the carry methods. This little tool of Self-protection can be
carried and utilized in a vast number of ways, which we will cover in this training.

The Tactical Folder

This knife comes in many sizes and configurations. It generally has a pocket clip
which makes it easy to carry, quick to deploy and keeps the weight of the knife
from being uncomfortable in the pocket.
Modern knife locks practically make many of the better manufactured knives
almost like carrying and fighting with a fixed blade knife.  One other advantage of
a Tactical Folder is that it can be used as a striking weapon without the blade
deployed, but the blade can be quickly deployed, should the situation require an
escallation of force.

Benefits of Knife Use

        Concealment: Knives are smaller than gun's and can be carried virtually
undetected on the person.

        Less Expensive: Knives are relatively inexpensive when compared with
buying a gun. This allows for the purchase and carry of several knives, which
makes access and deployment much more efficient.

        Improves weapon retention: While a gun can only hurt you if you are in
front of the barrel. A knife can be useful in many more directions, which makes it
much harder to take away from the operator.

        Control of damage: Unlike firing a bullet, the use of the knife is much
easier to control, limits the chance of damage to innocent parties, and easier to
limit damage to the bad guy to only what is necessary.