Master Massengill in Foshan, China.           Performing at the Kung Fu                  Honored by  Hong Kong
Yiu Kay Wing Chun School               World Conference, Hong Kong, 2005                   University
Foshan, China 2007
Hong Kong 2005
Massengill in Hong Kong with his
teacher, Grandmaster Samuel Kwok and
Jet Li's teacher, Master Wu Bin.
Massengill in Hong Kong with
Grandmaster Samuel Kwok
and Grandmaster Ip Ching,
youngest son of Bruce Lee's
Massengill in Hong Kong with
Grandmaster Samuel Kwok
and Grandmaster Ip Chun,
eldest son of Bruce Lee's
Honored at the Ip Man Museum in
Foshan, China. Tony Massengill and
Samuel Kwok have their book,
"Mastering Wing Chun - The Keys to Ip
Man's Kung Fu" placed in the museum.
Elite Personal Martial Training

Those who say "There are NO SECRETS"
Haven't trained with the Chinese Masters!
Tony Massengill has... and he shares these
SECRETS with his students!

Sifu Tony Massengill has had the rare opportunity of training in China, with the top
Chinese Masters
of the system that made Bruce Lee the "King of Kung Fu"

Massengill is the first generation of Non-Chinese to be
certified as a
MASTER directly under the Ip Family lineage.
He was a personal
Private Disciple of Grandmaster Samuel
, and has also had the opportunity of training with
Grandmaster Kwok's teachers,
Grandmasters Ip Chun and
Ip Ching, the sons of Bruce Lee's only teacher, Grandmaster Ip Man.

Sifu Massengill now makes the SECRETS he has
learned from these Grandmasters available to the
of personal, private students.

Sifu Massengill is Semi-Retired from teaching and maintains a very busy national
seminar schedule as well as time working on his magazine, book and video projects.
For this reason he
now only accepts personal students on a Small Group and
private basis

Massengill is VERY SELECTIVE of the students he now takes, as his teaching time is
EXTREMELY LIMITED. Those interested can call (757) 846-1188 to set up an



Sifu Massengill maintains a very busy Private Instruction schedule, with students who travel from as far away as
California, Wisconsin and Texas. Mr. Massengill is also available for
Intensive Training Weekends.  Elite
Personal Martial Training Programs

Private Sessions are 45 min in length and must be scheduled
1 week in advance.

Private Session Blocks                                                                       

1 - Session                          $55.00

5 – Sessions                       $225.00                 ($45.00 ea.)

8 – Sessions                       $320.00                 ($40.00 ea.)

12 – Sessions                     $420.00                 ($35.00 ea.)

18 - Sessions                      $540.00                 ($30.00 ea.)

Training Sessions can be Private or Semi-Private - up to 4 students at only $25.00 additional tuition per
student..... There is an additional travel fee for sessions held anywhere other than Sifu Massengill's
training facility.  Inquire for details!

Training Sessions held abroad - $1000.00 for up to 6 Hours, plus Travel and Lodging. Sifu Massengill
maintains a very busy Private Instruction schedule so sessions with him must be scheduled well in advance

Important Note:
All Private Sessions must be paid for in advance of the training date. Sessions will be set up according to
the students schedule. 24-hour notice is required for all cancellations. It is the students responsibility to
be at the appointment on time. Elite Personal Martial Training Sessions will be set on 3/4-hourly blocks.
Sessions will begin and end at the appointed time. Missed appointments and Late Arrivals will be charged
full rate according to the scheduled time. All sessions will end at the appointed time.

Intensive Training Weekend / Training Group Leader Program:
Click Here for Information  

For information or to set up an appointment call: (757) 846-1188