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Wing Chun, Like Everything Else
Must Adapt with the times!

Wing Chun "Unchained"
Not Unchanged!
What is Wing Chun "Unchained"?

The legendary Wong Shun Leung was quoted as saying "make  Ving Tsun
/Wing Chun your slave, don't be a slave to Wing Chun". In today's Wing Chun
landscape we see many instructors and students who are chained up by Wing
Chun instead of exercising the freedom of being able to mold and shape it into
being the most useful method it could be.

I always tell my students not to limit themselves or the system. I explain that "a
technique is a structural foundation of an application limited only by your
imagination". We live in a world where people are looking for THE answer. We
want to see the world in terms of black and white, and avoid gray areas.... but
in the environment of a dynamic fighting situation, everything is a gray area.

In looking at the individual technique structures, we shouldn't ask "What is this",
but rather "What all can it be". In many other Chinese martial art methods, a
single technique can have a defensive application, a striking application and a
Chin-Na (grappling) application. They are looking at "What All Can It Be" and
are not limited to a single "What Is It" answer.

In a modern world where even one of the old masters is running around the
world dressing like Donnie Yen from the Ip Man movies when he does his
seminars, people are focusing too much on how what they do looks, and not
enough on how it works! Far too often practitioners get a mental picture of what
they "think" Wing Chun should look like and work very hard to conform to that
picture. Worse, they reject any application of a tool of the system that doesn't fit
with their mental image of what they think it should "Look" like.   Shouldn't the
final determining factor of how we utilize the system be what it "Works" like ...
not what it "Looks" like?

Going back to Wong Shun Leung's advice of not being a slave to the system,
but making the system your slave, I would take that  idea even further and
suggest that we free Wing Chun from the slavery and limitations created by our
pre-conceived ideas of what the system is, that we UNCHAIN WING CHUN,
and allow it to be .... in the words of the U.S. Army slogan .... All It Can Be!

One issue I personally see is found in not allowing the system to adapt to our
modern environment. It's not unusual to find instructors proudly claiming that
they teach the traditional, authentic system, as passed directly to them
UNCHANGED from the way Ip Man taught it!  In my opinion, this would be a
good and noble claim if today's students faced the same kind of fighters that Ip
Man's students faced . But that is simply not the case. Lest anyone make the
mistake by the foregoing statement that I am suggesting discarding lightly those
ideas, to the contrary, I am suggesting hurling them away with as much force
as possible!

Wing Chun's future depends on those who are willing to adapt, while those
who insist on keeping Wing Chun exactly as their teacher, and their teacher's
teacher taught it will find themselves well equipped to apply their skills in a
world that no longer exists.
The Efficient Warrior Approach to Wing Chun is somewhat controversial
in that we favor EFFICIENCY IN APPLICATION over Tradition.

Efficient Warrior Founder Tony Massengill is certified as a Master Level
Instructor of Traditional Wing Chun as passed by the FAMILY of Ip Man.
But Sifu Tony didn't begin nor end there!

He was already an instructor of several martial arts when he began
training in Wing Chun in 1979, and further researched the Wing Chun
system with David Peterson, of the Wong Shun Leung Ving Tsun
lineage, after being Certified as a Master Level Instructor in the Ip Man
FAMILY Lineage.

Sifu Tony also draws heavily from his experience drawn from a 25+ year
career in Public Safety where he worked as a Police Officer, Firefighter
and Emergency Medic.

Sifu Massengill is semi-retired from teaching and currently works with
only a small private group of students in the Hampton Roads area of
Virginia. He also spends time writing and doing Seminars around the

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