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    Conducted by
    Sifu Tony Massengill

Sifu Massengill is available  for seminars on
all aspects of the Ip Man Wing Chun system
as well as the Ching Yin Chin-Na System -
(Chinese Grappling Method)

We are currently scheduling the 2017 calendar There are still some dates available in
February, April, July, September and November. Other Dates may be available
subject to cancellations and schedule changes, so call for current availability.

Dates fill fast, and on a first-come-first serve basis.
Seminar Scheduling & Fees

Open Seminars
Open seminars are widely publicized and open to anyone who wants to attend. These
seminars will be advertised in  Masters Magazine, Black Belt magazine, Century
Martial Arts Update, the Efficient Warrior Journal Newsletter, (If time Permits)  and on
all websites and forums controlled by Sifu Massengill.

Closed Seminars
Closed seminars are open to individuals that are within a specific group or invited to
attend. These seminars are not advertised to anyone outside of this specific group.

Seminar Fee (North America)
Standard fee for seminars in the United States and Canada is U.S. $1,000 for up to ten
hours to be divided into two days, plus all expenses. The seminar fee is to be paid by
the sponsor/promoter as soon after arrival as possible!

Seminar Fee (Foreign Countries)
A minimum overall fee of U.S. $1,500 dollars must be guaranteed for any time spent
teaching in a foreign country, plus all expenses! The fee is to be paid in U.S. dollars as
soon after arrival as possible! Half of the fee pre-paid to secure seminar date!

Expenses (To Be Paid By Seminar Promoter or Sponsor)
• Travel (Airfare Round Trip) No specific airline is required, as long as it is reputable!

• Lodging (Each Night of Trip) A clean, non-smoking room is preferred.

• All Meals

Special Arrangements (Please Read Carefully)
Occasionally, certain seminars will require the assistance of someone who is highly
experienced. If it should be necessary for Sifu Massengill to bring an Assistant
Instructor, they will be paid $100.00 for each seminar day plus all expenses (airfare,
meals and lodging). Most of the time this isn't necessary, but sometimes things run a
little smoother and the students learn more with an assistant present!

Seminar Guidelines

  • Open seminars should be scheduled as far in advance as possible to allow for
    maximum advertisement.

  • Seminars can be scheduled with as little as one month's notice.

  • All seminars are to be two days, preferably Saturday and Sunday. That allows for
    5 hours per session of Instruction time plus an hour for lunch!

  • All Seminar fee is to be paid by the date of the seminar, if not before! Half of the
    fee pre-paid is required for foreign seminars.

  • Cameras will be allowed, with the following agreement: Following the
    development of the photos, a set will be sent immediately to Sifu Massengill No
    photos of Sifu Massengill may be used for any purpose without his written
    consent! Only the Seminar Host  will be allowed to Video the seminar with the
    agreement that a copy of the footage will be sent to Sifu Massengill with the
    understanding that the footage could be used in instructional videos sold by the
    association. And the the host will not sell or distribute this video footage to
    anyone!  All attendees must sign a release for video footage to be used in any
    way deemed appropriate by Sifu Massengill. If they cannot agree to all of these
    terms ahead of time, they will not be allowed to tape the event! It's just that

  • Any equipment that is necessary must be provided by the sponsor/promoter of
    the seminar.

All Seminars include Private Session with the Host.

  Seminar Information and scheduling call (757) 504-2116
                    or e-mail Sifu Massengill.
Hong Kong and Foshan, China Trained with
BOTH SONS of Ip Man, his Sigungs,   
Grandmasters Ip Chun & Ip Ching!

Former Senior U.S. Disciple of
Master Samuel Kwok
Some of the Books and Articles by
Master Massengill
"One of the Nations Leading Authorities on
the Ip Man System as Passed DIRECTLY By
-Martial Arts Masters Magazine

Efficient Warrior Wing Chun Association - Director

Ching Yin Chin Na Association - Director

Hong Kong Athletic Association - Life Member / Instructor

Efficient Warrior Enterprises - Executive Director

Empire Media - Author
  • Mastering Wing Chun - The Keys to Ip Man's Kung Fu
  • Wooden Dummy - Ip Man System

Featured in Empire Media Instructional DVDs
  • Mastering Wing Chun Series 1 - 5
  • Wing Chun Weapons         
  • Close Quarters Striking     
  • Close Quarters Chin-Na     
  • Wing Chun Training Drills

Martial Arts Masters Magazine - Columnist
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Click HERE to see
Grandmaster Samuel Kwok's
Endorsement of
Master Tony Massengill
Steven Benjamin - Wing Chun Student, seminar

Having met Tony Massengill now in person...he
bears the mark of a true master...HUMILITY! It is
an admirable trait many well trained martial artists
lack. The difference between the proud arrogant
and boastful in contrast to the humble is that the
former seek only to lift themselves at every
opportunity...while the humble lift up and empower
all they come in contact with. A true leader is not
tyrant,rather a servant....I am honored having been
able to witness these traits of Sifu Massengill and
thank him for empowering me further on my own
journey. It was a privilege to spend the day
exposed to his martial insights and the lessons
imparted from Him..for that I thank him. In my own
journey I know the time he shared will forever
stand out as a highlight in my experiences past,
present and future. I do not ask the blessings of
God upon others lightly or easily, but for those
who bless me, I bless in kind and sincerely pray
that may Yah' bless Sifu Massengill in all of his
endeavors. My head is still swimming with so many
positive thoughts in the wake of digesting the
ideas and principals he emparted!
SiFu Dustan Carroll - White Rose Wing Chun

Sifu Massengill's Seminars and Workshops
are the top of the class!!!!

SiFu Massengill showed nothing but
professionalism while here at White Rose. His
skill was very evident when we touched
hands and his background is so well versed
he could talk to any topic or terminology
used during his time here. I count a blessing
to have him and his guys as friends. Make no
mistake SiFu Tony Massengill gets my
highest recommendation if you are looking
for an SiFu that has the skill and honor
Steven Benjamin

Thank you Sifu Tony Massengill! I am completing the
task of transcribing the last half of my notes from the
Seminar with you in Alabama! GOOD STUFF!
And thank you again for all the great stuff you shared
with us at the Seminar for the 1st Annual Wing Chun
Unity Day hosted by the Alabama Wing Chun school!
My head swam with new ideas for days afterwards
...and I have spent over 12 hours so far in the last week
transcribing 35 pgs of notes (so far) just on the 1st half
of the stuff you covered in the Seminar!
Steven Benjamin (L) - A great student with a REAL LOVE
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