Efficient Warrior Wing Chun Association Founder - Master Tony Massengill
was Honored in 2007 by having the book
"Mastering Wing Chun - The Keys to Ip Man's Kung Fu"
which he co-authored with Grandmaster Samuel Kwok
placed in the Ip Man Museum in Foshan, China.
Grandmaster Samuel Kwok,
Master Tony Massengill, and
the curator of the Ip Man
Museum, during the
presentation of the book
"Mastering Wing Chun" in
Foshan, China.
Grandmaster Ip Ching, son of the late
Grandmaster Ip Man, signs copies of
the book for those in attendance of
the ceremony.
Grandmaster Ip Ching,
Grandmaster Samuel Kwok and
Master Tony Massengill, in front of the Ip
Man Museum.
Just some of those who were in attendance of the ceremony.
Representatives were present from Hong Kong, Foshan, China, The
United States, Europe, Australia, as well as many other countries.
The event was covered by Foshan, news as well.