Tony Massengill is known and respected as an Experienced "Real
World" Personal Protection expert and master communicator.
He is hard-nosed in what he teaches, because he knows the
importance of the Knowledge, Skills and Abilities needed to, not
only Survive a violent street attack, but have the ability to be the
decisive victor!

Mr.Massengill has the unique ability to teach a very serious
subject, with humor and a personality that does not intimidate, but
sets the students at ease. He is respected by his students, not
because he instills fear like so many other instructors attempt to
do, but because just a few minutes with him and you know he can
do what he teaches.

His 27-year public safety career has honed to a very sharp edge
what he learned in his 5
1-years of training in the Martial Arts, and
has given him the unique combination of Knowledge, Skill and
Street Experience that is missing from most Martial Arts

The following is a list of a few of Massengill's accomplishments:

  • Profiled in the book "Wing Chun Masters" by Jose Fraguas
  • Staff Writer - "Wing Chun Illustrated Magazine"
  • Columnist - "Martial Arts Masters Magazine"
  • Featured Master in Empire Media Instructional DVD Series
    (Featured in over a dozen Instructional DVDs)
  • Founder - Efficient Warrior Enterprises
  • Founder - Efficient Warrior Wing Chun Association
  • Ip Man Wing Chun Advisor & Board of Directors- Cornerstone
    Jeet Kune Do Association
  • Fight Scene Choreographer - "No Weapon - The Movie"
  • Author - "Wooden Dummy of the Ip Man System"
  • Author - "Mastering Wing Chun"
  • Book "Mastering Wing Chun" placed in the Ip Man Museum -
    Foshan, China - 2007
  • Master Instructor Certification - Ip Man Family Wing Chun
    System 2005
  • U.S. Rep. World Wing Chun Conference - Hong Kong 2005
  • Permanent Member - Ving Tsun Athletic Association - HK
  • Instructor Certification - Ving Tsun Athletic Association - HK
  • Former Senior U.S. Representative - Traditional Ip Man Wing
    Chun Association
  • Former Eastern U.S. Advisor - Wing Chun Kung Fu Council /
    Ip Ching Wing Chun Athletic Association
  • Master Instructor - Ching Yin Chin-Na
  • Instructor - Stick & Blade Combatives
  • Various Black Belt Ranks - Kenpo, Tae Kwon Do, Kajukenbo
Meet Master Massengill
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Sifu (Master) Tony Massengill has been recognized as one of the most
in the Martial Arts Community!
PROTECTION and on the WING CHUN system as passed by the
He is also a Writer for both of these TOP MARTIAL ART
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Featured in the book "Wing Chun Masters"
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