Who is Tony Massengill, and why did
Real Skills Media pick him  to film the
Concrete Arena
Close Quarters Combat
Video series?
Massengill teaching the Short Range
Punch to a group of undercover Police
Officers (1987)
Massengill's last book placed in
Ip Man Museum in Foshan, China.
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Here are some answers to the questions
we get most often from our clients.

1. What qualifies Tony Massengill as
someone I should take "Real World"
self-protection instruction from?

Tony is the first generation of Non-Chinese
to be certified at the
through the Ip Man - Ip Chun/Ip Ching -
Samuel Kwok lineage. This is the direct
lineage of the family that taught
He has been on the world stage in Hong
Kong demonstrating at the World Kung Fu
Conference in 2005. He is the co-author of
the only book on the Ip Man Wing Chun
Kung Fu method to ever carry the
endorsement of Grandmasters Ip Chun and
Ip Ching.both sons of Bruce Lee's Only
Teacher, Grandmaster  Ip Man.

2. OK, so he is a Wing Chun Kung Fu
Master, what else does he have to offer
in the area of "Real World" experience?

Massengill is retired
after a   
25+ year
in public safety
where he
worked as a
Officer, Fire Fighter
& Emergency Medic
. His job brought him
face-to-face with
street violence on an almost daily basis.
(Something many of these "Dojo Masters"
can't even imagine)
His knowledge of
anatomy along with his experience in
"Real World" colse range self-protection
make him unique among his Peers in
teaching ability.

3. Why would a guy who makes
thousands of dollars traveling and
teaching these skills at seminars reveal
these secrets in inexpensive books and

It wasn't easy to convince him to do this
series. We were able to convince Master
Massengill that he is much better off
"Duplicating himself" in books and videos
than in spending his time doing so much
traveling and teaching personally.
Ok, Ok, I read your add and now I'm
here to see what this
is all about!

The Secret to  Short Range Power Strikes
Method and Application

Bruce Lee made the "1-inch punch" legendary.

Imagine, being able to hit as hard from a few
inches as most muscle bound construction
workers can from 3 feet.

Well it's not only possible...it's very easy!

This Video will revolutionize your fighting ability
and increase your short range punching power
by 80 - 100 %

This is the first time this technique has been
addressed in this much detail. And the first time
the technique has been
taught by a certified
Master from the direct lineage of the son's
of Bruce Lee's only teacher.
Massengill with Grandmaster Ip Ching
(son of Bruce Lee's teacher)
Hong Kong 2005 & 2007

TESTIMONIAL: As a Police Officer and Swat Team Member I
am often at very
close quarters with some very bad guys. I
have been in some harry situations where you have to take
control in extremely close range crowded environment.
I attended one of
Tony Massengill's seminars on the Short
Range Power Punch and other close range methods, and it
was phenomenal!
He was able to increase my punching power
by at least triple my original ability, but this time punching from
only a few inches, not with my usual John Wayne hay maker style.
I Highly Recommend His products!
He is truly a No BS kind of teacher!!

-R. Stanley
Concrete Arena
Close Quarters Combat
Vol. 1 - Striking Methods
$24.95 + S&H
Also Available featuring
The Efficient Warrior
Master Tony Massengill
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