November 13, 2006

To whom it may concern,

I am writing this letter of recommendation for my disciple Tony Massengill.

My name is Samuel Kwok. I am the foremost instructor under Grandmasters Ip Chun
and Ip Ching, the two sons of the late Grandmaster Ip Man, teacher of Bruce Lee. I
am the head of the Samuel Kwok Martial Arts Association and the Traditional Ip Man
Wing Chun Association.  My background in the Martial Arts spans over 4 decades. I
have been called upon to perform demonstrations representing the Ip Man Family
Wing Chun Kung Fu system at the first and second World Wing Chun Conferences
in Hong Kong, the grand opening of the Ip Man Museum in Foshan, China, the Ching
Wu Martial Arts Association in Foshan, and to introduced Wing Chun Kung Fu to
Northern China at the Beijing Wu Shu Association.

It has been my mission to spread the tradition and heritage of the Wing Chun
system around the world. I have taught in England, France, South Africa, Spain,
China, The United States, and many other countries.  I mention all of this so that you
understand my passion in passing on the authentic heritage of the Ip Man method.

Tony is my Chief Instructor in the United States. His Knowledge base is solid as are
his skills. He is a very trusted student. In the Chinese Martial Arts, a teacher may
have many students, but few are chosen as disciples (Special Students). Tony is
one of the few I have chosen as a disciple. It is this trust in him that caused me to
choose him to work with me at the second World Wing Chun Conference in Hong
Kong, and to co-author the book “Mastering Wing Chun – the Key’s to Ip Man’s
Kung Fu” I highly recommend him for any teaching assignment he may be
considered for.

Thank You

Samuel Kwok
2nd Generation Master – Ip Man Wing Chun Kung Fu
Master Samuel Kwok, Grandmaster Ip Ching and
Sifu Tony Massengill
Hong Kong - 2005
October 2011

Since the passing of Grandmaster Ip Man, many men have established themselves in mastering
the art of Wing Chun Kung Fu. Fewer still, however, have been the men who, like my Disciple,
Tony Massengill, Master Instructor and Author, have not only mastered the art but have also
established themselves as outstanding instructors.

Mr. Massengill's career demonstrates he has perhaps contributed more than any other
individual to the growth of Ip Man Wing Chun Kung Fu in the United States. With over 35 years
of Wing Chun, Co-author of Mastering Wing Chun, Co-author of the Wooden Dummy, My
assistant in the Wing Chun Instructional DVD series and as my assistant for multiple
international seminars.

- Samuel Kwok    

Samuel Kwok Association of Traditional Ip Man Wing Chun Kung Fu
Sifu Tony Massengill was the U.S. SENIOR REPRESENTATIVE of Samuel
Kwok. Although Massengill resigned from Kwok's association and has
broken with Kwok over some personal issues between himself and
Kwok.  Massengill's history with Kwok is a matter of history. Sifu
Massengill has stated that he is thankful for all that he learned under
Kwok's instruction in the many years that they were associated. It is just
unfortunate that issues with Samuel Kwok's actions created a break in
their relationship.

Printed here are some e-mails and two endorsements Master Kwok
wrote for his Personal Disciple, Sifu Tony Massengill.
Master Samuel Kwok
Sifu Dustan Carroll
SiFu Dustan Carroll - White Rose Wing Chun - ALABAMA

Sam Kwok lost a very talented fighter and well educated front man for his
association when he lost Sifu Tony Massengill. SiFu Massengill showed
nothing but professionalism while here at White Rose. His skill was very
evident when we touched hands and his background is so well versed he
could talk to any topic or terminology used during his time here. I count a
blessing to have him and his guys as friends. Make no mistake SiFu Tony
Massengill gets my highest recommendation if you are looking for an SiFu
that has the skill and honor needed.
Gary Johnson - Student

Sifu Tony Massengill is one of the most skilled martial artist I've had the
pleasure to learn from. He is an honorable man and a phenomenal
teacher. I am proud to be his student!
Jeffrey S. Johnson, Colonel, USAF (retired)  

Tony Massengill is the finest martial arts master I’ve trained with in over 40
years of training in Karate, Bushido, Taekwondo, Aikido, Hapkido, MMA, Kali,
and Kung Fu. His lessons clearly teach the most practical and efficient ways of
applying empty hands or weapons to actual street fighting and self-defense
situations. Tony’s teaching is also underpinned with a seemingly limitless depth
of Chinese martial art’s philosophy that brings principles into practice.  The
principle taught is reinforced with the correct structure and movements bringing
out the beauty, simplicity, and effectiveness of authentic Wing Chun. After all
these years of training and earning a third Dan in Shorin-Ryu (among other black
belts), and even training in Okinawa with masters such as Hanshi Fusei Kise, I
am so glad to have found the roots of Karate in Ip Man Wing Chun and even
more happy to have the privilege of training with such an amazing instructor as
Master Tony Massengill.

Jeffrey S. Johnson, Colonel, USAF (retired)
My Name is Pablo Ramos; I am the U.S. and its Territories Director for the International
Submission Arts Wrestling Federation under Grandmaster Hidetaka Asou in Saitama,
Japan. I had the pleasure of meeting Master Tony Massengill when he was teaching
Wing Chun Kung Fu in the State of Virginia.  It was then I had the honor of becoming
one of his few closed door students and through him was introduced to the amazing and
extremely practical art of Wing Chun Kung Fu, while I in return exposed Master
Massengill to the art of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Self Defense, Japanese Ju-Jutsu, Judo and
Submission Arts Wrestling.   

        In my travels around the world I have come in contact with numerous well
    renowned martial artists, both in the grappling and striking arts as well, and it is my
    opinion that Master Massengill’s ability in the striking arts is unparalled. Not only is
    he a gifted Wing Chun practitioner but his ability to enrich anyone’s hand to hand
    combat arsenal and the unmatched skill of making the complicated look simple puts
    him in at another level other Martial Arts Masters could only envy.  

        If you truly want to learn Real Kung Fu from a True Master of Martial Arts,
    endorsed and Respected by the very Best, do the smart thing, find Master Tony
    Massengill and start to enjoy the pleasure of learning Kung Fu the way it was truly
    meant to be taught.  Master Massengill is a living legend in his own right and we
    should feel blessed as martial artists to have had the honor to know him and be
    able to learn from him while we can.  


    Shihan Pablo Ramos
    International Submission Arts Wrestling Federation – Director of US and its
    Territories under Grandmaster and Founder Hidetaka Asou, Saitama, Japan
    Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Self Defense Certified - under Master Carlson Gracie, Jr.
    Dai Jutsu Do Jujutsu – 6th Degree Black Belt
    Kodokan Judo – 5th Degree Black Belt
Shihan Pablo Ramos
A Special e-mail From Samuel Kwok, stating that
Tony Massengill is a TRUSTED STUDENT....
One to whom he would
A Special e-mail From Samuel Kwok, stating that
Tony Massengill is a BRILLIANT TEACHER