In addition to being a MASTER LEVEL instructor in the Ip Man FAMILY Wing Chun lineage,
directly passed to Massengill through the lineage of
IP MAN - IP CHUN / IP CHING - SAMUEL KWOK (Massengill's former teacher)

Sifu Tony Massengill is also a
WONG SHUN LEUNG METHOD of Ving Tsun (Wing Chun), under one of the top
WSLVT instructors in the world, Sifu David Peterson!

Wong Shun Leung was the assistant instructor in Ip Man's school when BRUCE LEE joined.
It was Wong Shun Leung that was Lee's primary instructor.
Wong Shun Leung was THE FIGHTER of the Ip Man clan, and became known as
"GONG SAU WONG" the King of Talking with his Hands,
from all of the challenge fights he took part in! !

not yet a certified instructor of this method.... as Massengill learns more about
this method, which he finds useful to his students,
it is added to the Efficient Warrior training!
The WSLVT method is known for its practical training methods and applications!

WSLVT - Direct / Practical / Efficient
Wong Shun Leung
Ving Tsun Gung Fu
David Peterson's WSLVT
Malasyia Site

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openings in the Inner Circle Group. If
you are interesting in becoming a
FAMILY call today at (757) 846-1188

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Tony Massengill
Has RETIRED from teaching
and now just works with a
small Inner Circle Group of
Personal Students.
He spends most of his time
supporting the instructors of
his association and Writing
and Teaching Seminars
across the United States.
He can be reached at
(757) 846-1188
Efficient Warrior Wing Chun Headquarters  / e-mail: / (757) 846-1188
Wong Shun Leung, The King Of Talking Hands Documentary

The celebration of Wing Chun’s unsung hero starts Oct. 14, 2016
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